How to not tick off the old guys on the construction site

Updated Sep 13, 2019

How a new construction worker can stay on the good side of older workers graphic

Are you a young man or woman new to the wonderful world of construction? You may have noticed there are a lot of older guys working in this field. To stay on their good side, we offer the following advice:

  • Show up early – 15 minutes will do the trick. Remember: Early is on time, and on time is late.
  • Always be doing something. If the old guys don’t have you doing something, look around for something to do. Stack lumber, clean up, but always be moving and improving. Don’t be leaning when you could be cleaning.
  • Learn with your eyes. Construction is complicated. Few veterans have the time to explain everything to you. Watch what they do, think about why they do things certain ways and keep thinking. This isn’t school, you’re not going to get spoon-fed assignments.
  • Pack a lunch, at least on your first day. Maybe there will be a lunch wagon, maybe not. Don’t risk it until you know. You can’t go a day in construction without calories.
  • Dress appropriately to the season, carry some leather gloves, wear sturdy boots and bring your own hard hat if these are required.
  • Always be safe. This goes back to always be thinking. If you’re unsure, this is the one exception where you’re allowed to ask anybody for clarification.

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