How to avoid caught-between accidents

Updated Sep 13, 2019

Caught Between Accident in Construction

OSHA says caught-between accidents are the fourth leading cause of death on construction sites. You can help prevent these accidents by taking the following precautions:

  • Hazard recognition. Have your OSHA competent person do a hazard analysis and communicate the results to all crews.
  • Equipment functionality. Make sure all machines are in good working order, all guards are in place and that parking brakes, backup alarms and lockouts are all functional.
  • Make sure everybody wears PPE, especially their high-visibility vests and clothing.
  • Keep your distance. Train crews on how to stay a safe distance from mobile equipment and trucks, including the entire swing radius of excavators.
  • Install backup cameras on machines with rear or side blind spots.
  • Use barricades when possible to keep workers out of danger zones.
  • Train crews to avoid walking between machinery or trucks and structures such as trees, walls or stacks or stockpiles of material.

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