Manitou Introduces New Telehandlers and Work Platforms at Bauma

Manitou MT 735, MT 935, MT 1135 and MT 1335 telehandlers
The Manitou MT 735, MT 935, MT 1135 and MT 1335 mid-height telehandlers

Manitou Group’s Bauma display showcased a record number of new products, including four new electric aerial work platforms, four new mid-height telehandlers, two electric rotating telehandlers and a fixed electric telehandler.

manitou mt 625e electric telehandlerManitouMT 625e Electric Telehandler

Adding to its range of compact telehandlers, Manitou launched its first 100% electric model in the product category, the MT 625e.

Powered by a 25- or 33-kWh lithium-ion battery, the MT 625e has a 2.5-ton lift capacity and reaches up to 19.7 feet high.

Manitou says the electric telehandler offers the same performance as its diesel counterpart with 56% less maintenance.

The MT 625e shares the same features as other models in Manitou’s compact telehandler range, including the Safety Pack that automatically warns the operator and those on the jobsite of unsafe operations and the intuitive Harmony display that provides real-time usage and maintenance information.

manitou MRT electric rotating telehandlerManitouNew Electric Rotating Telehandlers

Manitou also introduced electric versions of two of its VISION+ rotating telehandlers.

The MRT 2260e and MRT 2660e have a loading capacity of 6 tons and a lifting height of 72 and 85 feet, respectively. A 700V/65 kWh lithium-ion battery comes standard. Customers can purchase a second battery to boost the range by an additional four hours.

A hybrid version of the models equipped with a range extender is also available. Manitou says the models offer increased flexibility for customers traveling a significant distance between sites or needing to charge the battery on sites with limited or no access to electric charge points. Charging options include an on-board 11 kW charger for charging in four hours 30 minutes, an on-board 22 kW charger that takes two hours 15 minutes or an onboard charger that enables charging in under an hour using a 400 VAC charging source.

Manitou Electric Aerial Work PlatformManitouLaunch of Electric Platform Range

Sticking with the electric theme, the company rolled out its new Oxygen line of low emissions electric rough-terrain platforms. Models include the 160 ATJe, 160 ATJ+e, 180 ATJe and 200 ATJe.

The 160 ATJe and 180 ATJe have a working height of 52 feet and 59 feet, respectively. Load capacity has been increased by 110 pounds, for a basket that can carry a total weight of 551 pounds. The beefier 160 ATJ+e has a load capacity of 881 pounds.

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With a working height of 65 feet, the 200 ATJe is now available with four-wheel steer and a 551-pound load capacity, 66 pounds more than the two-wheel drive version.

A removable generator common to all the machines works as a range extender, allowing for a week of autonomous use.

A lighting pack adds increased visibility, thanks to a number of lights positioned on the platform. Manitou’s Safety Pack also comes standard.

“With all these new products, Manitou Group is the first manufacturer to have a range of 100% electric rough-terrain platforms from 16 meters to 20 meters,” said Arnaud Boyer, vice president of marketing and product development. “The acceleration of our electric development allows us to now offer low-emission solutions across our platform ranges, as well as on our telehandlers. We will continue to extend this energy to other ranges in accordance with the objectives of our CSR roadmap.”

Presented as a sneak preview, a new version of the 120 AETJ platform has also been added to Manitou’s industrial range. The model has been redesigned from the ground up, the company says. It is fitted with AC (asynchronous) motors for added comfort and flexibility.

As part of the redesign, components have been made more accessible. The 120 AETJ features a pivoting battery design and tool-free access. The next-generation model is also equipped with the same diagnostic  system as the rough-terrain range for easier maintenance.

Four New Mid-Height Telehandlers

Rounding out its mid-height range of telehandlers, Manitou introduced four new internal combustion models with between 23 and 42.6 feet of lifting height and a lifting capacity of 3.5 tons.

The MT 735, MT 935, MT 1135 and MT 1335 have an overall width of 7.5 feet, including the front stabilizers on the MT 1135 and MT 1335 models, making them ideal for use in tight spaces.

The 36- and 42.6-foot models are available with a 75-horsepower or 100-horsepower engine and two transmission versions, torque converter or hydrostatic.

All models feature a new, more spacious cab with enhanced panoramic visibility. By positioning the windshield lower, it is now easier to see the load when the boom is lowered and fit attachments, Manitou says. A new roof grille with sloping blades also improves the visibility of the load regardless of its position.

Available on the hydrostatic transmission models, the Autopower system automatically optimizes engine speed from the joystick during boom movements, without needing to use the accelerator pedal. The MT 1335 is available in an "HA" (hydrostatic access) version, meaning that it is compatible with a platform basket only with hydrostatic transmission. The MT 1135 and MT 1335 models also come with a leveling corrector for safer driving.

An automatic parking brake, an Easy Step cut-out floor on the cab and an orange seat belt come standard on all models.  

The new units will be delivered to the North American and European markets by the end of 2023.

Manitou Mid-Height Telehandler SpecsManitou

New Modeling Tool

Building information modeling (BIM) architects, modelers, engineers and designers can now introduce Manitou machines into their digital mockups using Manitou BIM files.

Available worldwide in English or French, the files are available free of charge in the BIM library on Manitou’s website.

"Our digital transformation is accelerating and should enable our customers to improve efficiency on their sites. That's why Manitou offers dynamic files in BIM format, which are part of a collaborative approach to project development," Boyer said.

Reviv'oil: New Service for Customers

Taking into account that 70% of mechanical problems in hydraulic circuits are due to oil contamination, Manitou has responded with a new hydraulic oil filtering program called Reviv’oil.  

Using a special tool, dealer technicians can analyze, drain and decontaminate the machine’s oil. The service is available for the latest generation of Manitou machines with a hydraulic oil capacity of 13 gallons or more.

The Latest Ranges of Compact Wheel Loaders and Telehandlers

Manitou also used the exposition to display its latest ranges of articulated compact wheel loadersultra-compact telehandlers and heavy-load telehandlers, which launched earlier this year.

Designed for handling heavy and bulky loads on all types of terrain, Manitou's the new range of heavy-load telehandlers made their North American debut in May. Models include the MHT 790, MHT 10135, MHT 10160, MHT 10200 and MHT 11250. 

The new "ultra light" Manitou ULM 412 H and ULM 415 H telehandlers and Gehl GCT 3-14 and GCT 3-14+ telehandlers will arrive at North American dealerships this year.

The Gehl AL 320, AL 420, AL 230, AL 330, AL 430 and AL 530 loaders and the Manitou MLA 3-25 H-C, MLA 4-50 H-C, MLA 2-25, MLA 3-25, MLA 4-50 H and MLA 5-50 loaders launched in Europe in July 2022 and are scheduled to arrive in the U.S. in the second half of 2023.