Steelwrist’s New X02 Expands Tiltrotator Range for Compact Excavators

Steelwrist X02 tiltrotator attachment for compact excavators

The smallest excavators can now do the twist with the X02, a tiltrotator for 1.6- to 2.7-ton excavators from Steelwrist.

The X02 is compatible with a complete range of S30 work tools for grading, digging, cable/trenching, asphalt cutting and ripping and more, turning the excavator into an efficient and versatile toolcarrier that can perform work in a wide range of applications. A multi-grapple for general construction and logging applications will be available this fall.

Easy Maintenance

To connect the tiltrotator to the excavator, buyers can choose either a Direct Fit or S30 top. The coupler side (bottom) of the tiltrotator is available in a mechanical locking version as well as hydraulic locking for S30, improving work tool safety. The fully casted product offers a good strength-weight ratio and low building height, the company says.

Other features include:

  • New gearbox design that makes it possible to easily eliminate play over time
  • Lubrication-free bearings for easy maintenance
  • Valves and control module placing to protect from outer damage
  • A bolt-on lifting eye or lifting hook as option on direct-fitted tiltrotators

The X02 completes Steelwrist’s tiltrotator range for excavators below 2.7 tons. It is positioned between the smallest TCX tilt coupler for machines below 2.2 tons and the X04 tiltrotator for excavators from 2.7 to 4.4 tons. 

The X02 tiltrotator meets the specifications of the Open-S standard, allowing users to combine excavator couplers, tiltrotators and tools from all manufacturers that adopt the standard. Currently, Steelwrist, Rototilt and SMP Parts are full Open-S Alliance members.