Doosan Infacore Tees Up Construction Equipment Battery Packs

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Updated Dec 8, 2021
The electric Doosan 1.7-ton DX17Z was shown as a prototype at last year's ConExpo.
The electric Doosan 1.7-ton DX17Z was shown as a prototype at last year's ConExpo.
Doosan North America

Editor's note: This story was updated December 8, 2021.

Doosan Infracore says it has created a battery pack prototype for construction and agricultural equipment that it will use on the company's anticipated release of a 1.7-ton DX17Z electric excavator in mid-2023.

A prototype of the excavator was showcased in the Doosan Infracore North America booth during 2020 ConExpo. The company currently offers six compact excavators in North America, ranging from the 8,193-pound DX35-5 to the 18,960-pound DX85R-3.)

The battery packs will consist of battery modules and a battery management system and cooling system joined in a frame. Doosan says this development allows it to accelerate both its battery pack business and its own electrified products. 

According to the company, its battery pack is flexible, using standardized cylindrical battery cells to match a machine's voltage and capacity. The battery management system uses standardized designs so the packs can be configured with up to 32 modules "regardless of series or parallel," says the firm. The battery cells are connected with a structural adhesive, and a wire bonding technology improves energy density and stability. 

Doosan battery packComponents of Doosan Infracore's battery pack (right) include a battery module (left) and a battery management system or BMS and cooling system grouped into a frame (middle).Doosan InfracoreThe company has a goal of $448 million in sales of its battery packs by 2030. The company also sees the packs as applicable to golf carts and other electric equipment.

Earlier, Doosan Infracore announced the development of its Mild Hybrid Powertrain technology, which it views as an intermediate step between an internal combustion engine and electrification. This technology uses an electric motor and battery in a diesel engine, and the company says it "can improve fuel economy and output and reduce carbon emissions with strong startability."

The company continues: "In the midst of a huge paradigm shift, we will accelerate the development of hybrid powertrain and electrification technology to establish ourselves as a global engine market leader.”

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In other technology news, Doosan announced its Transparent Bucket, which will be available to North American customers this July.