Google spent $500 million on construction in the last decade

Updated May 1, 2015
A rendering of Google’s proposed HQ revamp.A rendering of Google’s proposed HQ revamp.

The biggest boon to the Mountain View, California, area construction industry in the last 10 years? By far, that honor goes to Google, which has spent $500 million in that time on construction and remodeling.

According to a report from Forbes, that total is nearly double the total spent by all Mountain View homeowners on remodeling during the same period.

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And the tech giant has no plans to slow down. While a price tag hasn’t yet been put on the project, Google unveiled plans in March for a reimagining of its Mountain View headquarters.

The new campus will be defined by massive see-through canopies that will house green spaces and office spaces that can be moved around and reorganized to fit future needs or projects.