Equipment Roundup: How to buy a pickup truck; MultiOne to build loaders for Vermeer; What to look for in a concrete slipform paver; JLG, AUSA to launch small telehandler to challenge skid steers; GMC unveils 2021 Canyon AT4

GMC unveils 2021 Canyon, adds AT4 off-road trim

GMC has revealed the 2021 Canyon with a slightly tweaked look and the addition of the AT4 off-road trim to the midsize model’s lineup of options.

First introduced on the Sierra 1500 before being brought over to the heavy duty models last year, the AT4 trim brings collection of equipment to the Canyon for the first time.


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JLG, AUSA to launch SkyTrak 3013 compact telehandler in challenge to skid steers

The new SkyTrak 3013 “ultracompact” telehandler is light enough to be hauled with a small tow-behind trailer and is designed to challenge the place of skid steers on small material-handling jobs.

The new telehandler is the result of a 10-year partnership between JLG and Spain-based equipment manufacturer AUSA, with plans to debut the machine at the American Rental Association’s ARA Show February 9-12 in Orlando, Florida.

Weighing 5,300 pounds, the 3013 has a load capacity of 2,700 pounds and a 13-foot lift height.


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What contractors should look for when buying a concrete slipform paver

Contractors in the market for a concrete slipform paver with a 20- to 53-foot maximum width have a lot to consider beyond how much it’s going to set them back financially.

“Far too often contractors ask only the price of the machine,” says Stephen Bullock, president of Power Curbers Companies. “Total cost of ownership – which includes parts and service, transport and resale value – is a more important, relevant question.”


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MultiOne to build Vermeer-branded compact articulated loaders for sale at Vermeer stores

Vermeer and MultiOne have signed a distribution agreement to sell MultiOne compact articulated loader models at Vermeer dealerships in North America and the Caribbean starting in early summer 2020.

The MultiOne compact articulate loaders feature telescopic booms and range from 933- to 1590-pounds operating capacity. The Vermeer-branded models will be manufactured at MultiOne’s facility in Vicenza, Italy and offer a selection of attachments and a full line of parts and service.


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How to get a great deal on the truck you actually want

If you’re like most folks after a vehicle purchase, you’ve probably left the dealership with mixed feelings. On one hand, this new truck smells and feels amazing. On the other you may be thinking, “How much money did that salesman squeeze out of me?”

The barrage of trim choices, options, paperwork, upselling and all the waiting for the salesperson to return from “one more” talk with the manager quickly turns what was intended to be a negotiation into feeling something more like being held hostage.

Which is why it’s surprising to find out that there’s a guy out there whose job it is to buy cars. It can be a miserable experience, but Tom McParland, owner of Automatch Consulting has been doing the dirty work of car and truck buying for customers since 2013.

So we gave McParland a call to get his advice on buying your next truck.


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