Volvo Launches Grid-Connected Electric Material Handler in Europe

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Volvo EW240 Electric material handler
Volvo Construction Equipment has introduced the grid-connected EW240 Electric Material Handler, the latest addition to its leading range of zero exhaust emission machines, to the European market.

Volvo Construction Equipment has launched a 26-metric ton grid-connected electric material handler for select customers in the European market.

Intended for the waste and recycling industry, the EW240 Electric Material Handler can work round the clock without any need to stop for refueling or recharging by maintaining a continuous cable connection.

It is the company’s latest addition to its zero-exhaust emission machines. No statement was offered as to when or if the EW240 would ever be available in the North American market. 

Volvo CE has set its own goal of having 35% of its product line being electric by 2030. In addition, the ongoing interest in electrification across multiple markets, including North America, suggests the new machine may eventually cross the Atlantic Ocean.

The company's current lineup of electric equipment in North America includes the L20 Electric and L25 Electric wheel loaders, the EC18 Electric, ECR18 Electric, and ECR25 Electric excavators, and the DD25 Electric asphalt compactor and the Volvo FMX electric four-axle concrete mixer.

Also, testing has been conducted by customers on the 23-ton EC230 in North America.

EW240 electric material handlerThe EW240 Electric Material Handler can go longer between services, therefore reducing maintenance costs compared to a diesel alternative.Volvo CEDue to the significant reduction in noise, vibration, and heat as well as the absence of exhaust fumes, the EC240 may also open new business opportunities. It is safe to use indoors or outdoors, near noise-sensitive areas, and low carbon zones, and can even continue to operate during unsociable hours.

“The EW240 Electric Material Handler is the ideal hard-working sustainable solution for waste and recycling – an industry where circularity is in close focus,” said Thomas Nather, SAS commercial project manager, Volvo CE. “By providing near silent and zero-emission electric solutions, we are supporting our customers' need to work more sustainably and deliver on their transformation journey as well as lower the cost of their operations.”

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The grid-connected solutions like the EW240 Electric Material Handler are ideal for use in static applications that are required to carry out repetitive tasks such as material handling. The machine never needs to be refueled or recharged. 

Also, unlike diesel machines on a jobsite which continue to burn fuel while idling, electric machines like the EW240 do not use any energy when not moving or working, therefore saving on energy consumption and wear. 

The EW240 Electric Material Handler has a 90kW electric motor which is connected to. the grid with cable. The hydraulic and electric cables are positioned under the superstructure allowing the machine to maintain a 360° degree turning/swinging joint. 

In addition, as an electric machine with no engine-related consumables such as oil, filters, or water separators, the cost and time of maintenance is reduced. 

All regular maintenance access points are at ground level, including the newly designed electric control cabinet.

According to Volvo, the EW240 maintains the performance levels of its conventional diesel counterparts.

The machine has a fully enclosed cab with a user-friendly dashboard and monitor. The operator experience is further enhanced with a heated, suspended seat, optimized hydraulics, and joystick controls.

The manufacturer says visibility is improved with a flat right-side hood, rear and side view cameras, and LED lights.

Other options include a FOPS-cab, one-piece window, different cable connections, height limitation, and a double-damped hydraulic elevated cab.

 EW240Grid-connected solutions like the EW240 Electric Material Handler are ideal for use in static applications that are required to carry out repetitive tasks such as material handling.Volvo