Tale of Two Cats: A Long Lost Vintage Tractor and a Beefed Up Digging Beast

Updated Mar 8, 2021
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"Impossible" Quest Brings Home Family’s Century-Old Holt Caterpillar 10-Ton Tractor

For Scott Vouk, there's nothing like the sound of old equipment. But one specific vintage tractor—a Holt Caterpillar 10-ton purchased by Scott's family in 1938—was the apple of his eye.

The tractor was auctioned away by his family when Scott was only 6. After years of searching, he finally tracked it down and brought it home.

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Beefed-Up Cat 374 Designed With Twice the Durability and Top-of-the-Line Tech

The latest next-generation excavator is the new-and-improved Cat 374.

Like the rest of Cat's next-gen excavators, there's more of everything. More room in the cab, more durability, more tech and—most importantly—more production.

Replacing the 374F, the new 374 boasts a reduction in maintenance costs and a beefed-up boom, stick and frame designed to deliver twice the durability of the previous 374F.

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Florida Contractor Arrested for Selling Stolen Used Equipment to Unsuspecting Buyers

A group of men was recently arrested in Florida for theft of a wide variety of equipment.

The syndicate operated in North Florida and South Georgia, stealing machines and selling them to unsuspecting buyers.   

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There’s Good News and Bad News for Sales of New and Used Financed Excavators

  What's going on with new and used financed excavator sales? We've got the answer in our latest segment breakdown.

New and used financed excavator sales took two different paths in 2020. We've got a breakdown of how it all shook out, plus a look at top models and auction prices.

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Kioti to roll out new UTV, tractors and accessories in 2021

What's Kioti got in store for 2021? The company recently released a sneak peek at its slate for the first half of the year.

New tractors, a UTV update, plus accessories are all on the way in 2021.

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