Komatsu launches the D37i-23 and D39i-23, expands lineup of fully-automatic integrated machine control dozers to four

Updated Feb 27, 2014
Komatsu D39PXi-23Komatsu D39PXi-23

Komatsu today made good on its promise to expand its lineup of integrated machine control dozers to four with the introduction of the D37i-23 and D39i-23.

Like the larger D61i-23 and D51i-22, the two D37i-23 and D39i-23 feature Komatsu’s intelligent Machine Control (iMC) built right into the body of the dozer from the factory. Unlike third-party aftermarket solutions, there are no components mounted to the machine blade, only a small GNSS antenna atop the cab.

Both dozers will be offered in two models. The D37EXi-23 and D39EXi-23 are track-on-ground models while the D37PXi-23 and D39PXi-23 are low ground pressure models. Operating weights range from 18,872 lbs. to 21,848 lbs. depending on the configuration and model.

Komatsu D37PXi-23Komatsu D37PXi-23

The D37i-23 and D39i-23 push with a net 89 horsepower and 105 horsepower, respectively, at 2200 rpm. The Tier 4 Interim dozers implement Komatsu’s Diesel Oxidization Catalyst which removes soot and eliminates the need for a diesel particulate filter (DPF).

Unlike dozers equipped with third-party aftermarket machine control, Komatsu’s iMC dozers offer the ability to run in automatic mode for the entirety of a job.

Thanks to an enhanced Inertial Measuring Unit developed by Komatsu engineers, the D37i and D39i can actually maximize blade load and manage track slip all on their own from rough dozing through finish grading.

Both dozers also offer operators two selectable dozing modes that tailor performance. Pre-set blade load settings are also adjustable to match actual material conditions.

Komatsu is also touting the fuel savings in each dozing mode. Thanks to a new engine and hydrostatic transmission pump control technology, the dozers are 10 percent more fuel efficient than the previous models in Power mode and 20 percent more fuel efficient in Economy mode.

The dozers are also equipped with Komatsu’s KOMTRAX telematics service. The service sends data such as working hours, location, maintenance alerts, load ratio and fuel consumption to a secure website allowing remote diagnosis of problems and later analysis performance data.