Nearly 50 NYC contractors, inspectors and property managers charged in bribery scheme

Earlier this week, dozens of New York City construction professionals surrendered to police and were charged as the result of a two-year city investigation that uncovered a widespread bribery scheme.

According to a report from the The Daily News, 50 defendants were charged, “including 16 city inspectors, plus a host of property managers and owners, ‘expediters,’ contractors and an engineer.”

The scheme encompassed some $450,000 in bribes being paid to inspectors by the contractors, property managers and owners in order to ensure no jobsite downtime.

The construction of 156 buildings all across the city were involved in the scheme which was uncovered through an investigation that involved intercepted text messages, wiretapped conversations, surveillance and many questionable inspection reports. A link to the mob was even discovered.

You can read all the details at The Daily News.