Trench collapse kills 2 workers in Wyo.; OSHA investigates

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Updated Oct 9, 2018

Construction WorkerTwo construction workers in Wyoming died in a trench collapse September 28, triggering an investigation by the Wyoming Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

The Teton County Sheriff’s Office, which responded to the fatal collapse, reported the 12- to 15-foot trench for a pipe installation had no shoring or other collapse-prevention measures, according to the Jackson Hole News & Guide.

It took eight hours to recover the bodies of Juan Baez-Sanchez, 42, and Victoriano Garcia-Perez, 56, both from Mexico, who were working alone at the jobsite in Indian Springs, the newspaper reports.

The men were working on a site owned by developer Jamie Mackay. A delivery driver found an empty excavator idling and saw the partially buried body of Baez-Sanchez. After further digging by rescue workers, Garcia-Perez’s body was found.

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