Worker killed in building collapse during demolition in New Jersey

A worker part of a crew carrying out the demolition of a strip mall in New Jersey was killed recently when a section of roof collapsed on top of him.

According to a report from the Asbury Park Press, 52-year-old Raymond Crosby was killed September 25 in the collapse, which occurred as an excavator was being used to tear away pieces of the roof.

The paper reports demolition of the building, located in Berkeley, began August 11, noting “parts of the building were rotting and the awning, which was removed first, had sagged in spots.”

Though Crosby was the only fatality, a witness of the collapse said the roof fell on top of several workers who were later pulled from the wreckage.

M&M Realty and Lennar Corp. are in charge of the building’s demolition, the Press reports.