Volvo Trucks shows off three technology systems

During a Volvo Trucks Enhanced Technology customer event held Sept. 9-10 at the Waterloo Regional Emergency Services Training & Research Complex in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, the company showcased three of its systems to demonstrate improved the systems’ safety and efficiency.

The three systems shown were the Volvo Enhanced Stability Technology (VEST), Volvo Enhanced Cruise (VEC) and the I-Shift.

Representatives from Volvo Trucks showcased the three systems and offered a rollover simulation experience as well as a Ride-and-Drive opportunity.

Volvo Enhanced Stability Technology (VEST): As a standard feature on all Volvo trucks since 2005, VEST assists the driver in maintaining control during emergency maneuvers and braking events, reducing the likelihood of a rollover, jackknife or loss of control. VEST sensors ccan detect a dangerous driving situation and respond by automatically reducing engine torque, applying the engine brake and activating the necessary wheel-end brakes more rapidly than a driver can respond.

Volvo Enhanced Cruise (VEC): The system works with a truck’s cruise control to maintain a safe following distance between vehicles, even in adverse weather and visibility conditions. Using radar sensors, VEC monitors vehicles moving in front of and to the side of the Volvo truck. With the ability to detect up to 32 objects within 500 feet in front of the truck, VEC alerts the driver to potential danger and even automatically slows the truck to avoid a collision.

Volvo I-Shift: The Volvo I-Shift is a 12-speed, two-pedal automated transmission that integrates seamlessly with all Volvo engines. Using microprocessors, Volvo I-Shift continuously monitors changes in grade, vehicle speed, acceleration, torque demand, weight and air resistance. With the engine and transmission in constant communication, I-Shift automatically selects the best gear for the engine.

I-Shift improves safety by reducing driver fatigue, according to Volvo. The driver can focus on the road, making turns, avoiding other traffic, and the like without worrying about being in the right gear on the right grade at the right time, the manufacturer says. –Tina Grady Barbaccia