Safely Train Entry-Level Operators with CM Labs' Compact Track Loader Simulator

Simulated compact track loader emptying bucket into a dump truck
CM Labs

Compact machines are typically some of the first pieces of equipment novice operators are given a shot behind the controls on. But with inexperienced operators comes inefficient machine use and high rates of accidents.

Now, entry-level operators can safely get a feel for running a compact track loader before ever jumping in the cab with CM Labs Compact Track Loader Simulator Training Pack.

Simulator training offers a safe alternative for initial training while mitigating the increased fuel costs and wear and tear that typically result from novice handling.

It is the only simulation product that accurately replicates machine instability and lift clearance, providing training opportunities to reduce the likelihood of accidents due to tipping, the developer says. The simulated machine behavior helps operators gain a better feel for the impact of gear shifting and throttle use; improving lifting capacity and cycle times, ultimately reducing production costs.

The vertical lift CTL training pack comes with fork and bucket attachments with progressive learning exercises designed to gradually build skill and confidence for the more challenging real-world activities operators will face.

Trainees work on skills such as controls familiarization, addressing the risk of tipping, handling view-blocking material, live attachment changing, loading and unloading, dealing with difficult terrain, and working with small margins for lift clearance while dumping dirt into a truck.

The training pack runs on all of CM Labs’ simulator platforms, including the motion-enabled Vortex Edge Max, the fully immersive Vortex Advantage, and the desktop Vortex Edge Plus.

Instructors can access performance metrics tracked during training exercises including safety violations, load control and cycle time efficiency.

The Compact Track Loader Simulation is an entry-level simulator pack, rounding out CM Labs’ range of earthmoving machines, making it ideal for training schools or companies with a wide range of equipment in their fleet. The earthmoving suite includes simulator training for backhoes, excavators, dozers, wheel loaders and motor graders. 

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“With no training certification required to run a CTL, operators are often at risk,” explains Alan Limoges, Product Manager at CM Labs. “With this in mind, we designed our learning program based on the most stringent labor competency recommendations to deliver the industry’s best training.”