VIDEO: Toppled concrete truck hurtles head-on into van in terrifying dashcam footage
Wayne Grayson | April 11, 2014

cement truck head-on dash cam

This has to be the most intense, heart attack-inducing dashcam footage we’ve ever seen.

And perhaps the craziest part of it is that it doesn’t even come from Russia.

On Wednesday, Guan Zhu, a veterinary professor at Texas A&M University was driving along in College Station when a concrete truck ran a red light attempting to make a left turn. In the process the driver of the truck loses control and the truck topples over onto its side and smashes right into Zhu’s Dodge minivan.

Miraculously, Zhu was unharmed in the accident. He told CBS that he bought the dash cam that recorded the terrifying footage in case he was ever in an accident. Watch the video below.

[youtube eLZjq2vxD3Q nolink]


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