VIDEO: FieldLens demos Google Glass for construction jobsite collaboration and reporting
Wayne Grayson | March 7, 2014
FieldLens CEO Doug Chambers demonstrates Google Glass.

At ConExpo this week, we chatted with FieldLens CEO and co-founder Doug Chambers who was kind enough to throw on a pair of the still-in-development and controversial Google Glass. FieldLens is an awesome mobile construction communication platform that allows construction companies to improve communication by making all kinds of project data available across smartphones, tablets and computers.

It’s like a social network for the jobsite (it even has a news feed that resembles Google+ a bit) but much more powerful than that description lets on. It allows everyone involved with a project view plans, share information and photos and create observation reports—all from your phone.

FieldLens got a hold of one of the prototype Google Glass models and has been exploring the many opportunities the device holds for the construction industry. In the video interview below, Chambers demonstrates creating observation reports on the jobsite using Glass and discusses what else FieldLens envisions wearable technology like Glass being able to do for the industry.

[youtube _774DxxJXZM nolink]


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