Crew builds log ramp to rescue half-buried excavator with ’62 Scania 970 6×6

Updated Dec 16, 2016


Though we’ll ask that you excuse the language in the title of the below video, we also admit that the sentiment it articulates is hard to argue with.

According to the video’s description on YouTube, this very stuck excavator has overturned in a pit of muck in Håkanbo North Lingbo in Sweden. The machine is just about impossible to reach, making a rescue very tricky, as the length of the video attests.

After quite a bit of digging mud away from the stuck digger, the crew felled several nearby trees in order to create a makeshift ramp, placing logs as close as possible to the excavator’s tracks with a compact excavator.

Then a heavy wrecker and a 1962 Scania 970 6×6 recovery vehicle put their combined 100 tons of winch capacity to work to drag the machine out atop the ramp. According to the video’s description, the salvage job was successful and the excavator was incredibly back to work in just a week’s time.