Fontaine Debuts Magnitude 65 Lowbed Trailer with Multiple Decks

Fontaine Specialized Magnitude 65 lowbed trailer for construction equipment
Fontaine Specialized

Fontaine Specialized has released its new 3+2 modular multi-purpose Magnitude 65 lowbed trailer, featuring three deck options: flat (MFLD), drop side rail (MDSR), and beam (MBMD).

The flat and beam decks have a 24-inch loaded deck height, while the drop side rail deck offers a 15-inch height. At full load, all of the modular decks provide 6 inches of ground clearance. It is manufactured from 100,000-pound minimum yield steel main beam flanges.

“The Magnitude 65 truly embodies versatility in heavy-haul lowbeds," explained Heather Gilmer, vice president of sales.

"It accommodates loads of up to 65 tons in 16 feet as a 3+2 or can be configured with five close-coupled axles to transport up to 70 tons in 12 feet. Furthermore, the Magnitude 65 boasts a hydraulic detachable gooseneck and a durable tridem bogie, each offering seven ride-height positions. This heightened flexibility proves indispensable for operators navigating heavy loads across obstacles or beneath bridges.”.

Fontaine also offers various attachments and components, such as jeeps, flip boxes, spreaders and flip axles.

Quick Specs:

  • Deck Length: 28’
  • Deck Width: 8' 6" or 9'
  • Deck Height: 15” - 24"
  • Axle Spread: 60"
  • Base Weight: 27,500 - 32,650 pounds