XL Offers New Options on Guardian Trailers

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Guardian HDG lowboy trailer
XL Trailers has unveiled new options for the Guardian trailer including an 18-inch loaded deck height version and 60-inch axle spacing option.
XL Trailers

A new line of options has been introduced by XL Specialized Trailers for its Guardian low-profile, hydraulic detachable gooseneck (HDG) lowboy trailer.

Available this summer on the standardized construction trailer, the new options include an 18-inch loaded deck height version and a 60-inch axle spacing option.

Rated at 110,000 pounds in 12 feet concentrated, the Guardian HDG is 53 feet long overall with a 26-foot-long by 8-foot 6-inch-wide main deck and a low 22-inch loaded deck height.

The low-profile design provides weight savings and versatility, XL says, allowing scrapers to load over the top. It features a relief cutout, ensuring ample clearance space for truck fenders, and two removable kingpin settings for compatibility with various truck setups.

“These new options are engineered with the same level of innovation and industry-leading performance as our highly popular and reliable Guardian trailer,” said Tom Hiatt, director of sales at XL. “Our team is excited to release these new options that are on track to meet our growing customer needs.”

In addition to the 22-inch loaded deck height option for the main bed, XL now offers an 18-inch loaded deck height option. 

Operators can adjust the height of the deck for diverse loads with a 5-position variable ride height in the neck and manual ride height in the rear. 

“We set out to create an option focused on lower deck heights, which are essential, especially in the northeastern U.S. where bridges tend to be lower,” Hiatt said. "Our customers need it, and we are happy to deliver it.”

Also, the new 60-inch axle spacing option will be available on both the 18- and 22-inch deck heights. 

When this option is selected, the main deck will shift to 25 feet to keep the 53-foot overall length. Like the deck height options, the 60-inch option addresses customer demand to accommodate axle laws in the western U.S. and Canada.

In addition to the new options on the Guardian, XL says each aspect of this low-profile HDG lowboy was designed with the user in mind.

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The gooseneck uses hydraulics to detach for loading and unloading and easily reconnects after. On the neck, a rotating work light illuminates the area for added safety and visibility when loading.

In the rear of the main deck, the bucket well is made from recessed cross members. Combined with the open boom trough design in the wheel area, this design provides a solution for safely transporting excavators.

Guardian HDG lowboyWith D-rings placed throughout the rear of the deck, securement is easier.XL Trailers