Brandt’s H850 85-ton Square Tail Trailer Reduces the Need for Over-Height Permits

Brandt H850 heavy haul trailer

Haul a variety of wheeled or tracked equipment with Brandt’s new H850 85-ton Square Tail trailer. With its narrow, low-profile gooseneck design, equipment can be loaded farther forward to better balance the load, Brandt says.

The heavy haul trailer, which debuted at ConExpo 2023, offers easy-to-use features to increase productivity. Spring-loaded shim legs offer fast and unlimited gooseneck shimming, while conveniently located D-rings and chain pockets save steps and time when securing a load. A 6-foot knuckle trough and deep rear boom trough allow an excavator to sit 5 inches lower, reducing the need for over-height permits.

The five-position ride-height valve easily adjusts to varying terrain, and an accumulator booster system enables safe transitions between boosters. Booster hookup does not require a crane.

Brandt’s sleeve over hydraulic cylinders protects against pitting and corrosion. A sealed door protects suspension controls from the elements.

For faster starts and improved fuel economy, Brandt offers a 14 HP EFI hydraulic power pack option.

“Four years ago, contractors and heavy haul truckers told us they needed more reliable trailers that would help them get the job done faster. We listened,” says Shaun Semple, CEO, Brandt Group of Companies. “With that valuable feedback, Brandt engineers created purpose-built trailers with unique innovations to increase productivity and make the workday easier for operators.”

Quick Specs:

  • Tare: 61,821 pounds
  • Payload: 85 tons
  • Deck length: 26'-28'
  • Overal length: 56'5"-58'5" 
  • Deck width: 8'6"-10'
  • Loaded deck height: 26.5-29.5 in.
  • Loaded ground clearance: 6.5"-9.5"