Stellar Launches 14530 Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Service Crane

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Stellar Industries has launched a new 14,000-pound-class crane to complete the redesign of its heavy-duty hydraulic service crane line.

The service truck and trailer manufacturer has unveiled its new 14530 hydraulic service cranes. Compared to the previous model, the new 14530 is approximately 11%, or 360 pounds, lighter. 

Additionally, Stellar says, the new design has an increased lifting capacity of 92,000 foot-pounds versus 82,600 foot-pounds.

“The newly redesigned 14530 hydraulic service crane helps users maximize the value of their crane,” said Adam Oppermann, Stellar product manager. “Not only does it provide more payload for customers by reducing the weight of the crane, but it can also lift more.”

The release of the 14,000-pound crane comes nearly a year after Stellar launched redesigns of six telescopic cranes in the 9,000- to 12,000-pound-class sizes. Like the new 14530, the redesigned Stellar 96 series (9621 and 9630) cranes.

In December 2022, Stellar launched six new redesigned telescopic cranes. There were redesigns of its 9,000-pound class cranes (9621 and 9630), 10,000-pound class cranes (10621 and 10630), and 12,000-pound class cranes (12621 and 12630).

Like the 14530, the new designs of the Stellar 96 Series, 106 Series, and 126 Series cranes feature a weight reduction of nearly 13% for the 30-ft cranes and about 10% for the 21-ft cranes compared to past models.

All the redesigned cranes feature an updated boom design that is octagonal rather than hexagonal. This decreases the size of the boom tip, creating an easier reach in smaller spaces.

“Our customers have loved these improvements on the 76 Series and 86 Series class cranes,” said Adam Oppermann, product manager at Stellar. “And we are excited to be able to introduce them to our larger classes to maximize the efficiency of our equipment and ultimately provide even more opportunities for our customers to get the job done.”

cdtpro_The remote provides single-hand control for operation with fine control for precise load placement while allowing multiple functions to run at once.Stellar IndustriesEach of the redesigned cranes includes the Stellar CDTpro remote control system with Range Finder. A proprietary system, it is designed to improve ergonomics and increase usability.

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The remote provides single-hand control for quick and smooth operation with fine control for precise load placement while allowing multiple functions to run at once.

Also, the CDTpro includes information about the current load of the crane and how far it is to maximum capacity. Vibratory alerts are utilized to inform the operator they are approaching maximum load capacity.

Stellar says the Range Finder tool allows operators to create a lift plan without unstowing the crane. Based on where the operator is holding the remote the system can calculate the crane’s lifting capacity.

“As cranes and controls evolve, so do the technologies and products at Stellar as we continue to innovate,” Oppermann said.

cdtproEach of the redesigned cranes include the Stellar CDTpro remote control system with Range Finder.Stellar Industries