Doosan Expands Telematics to Notify Owners, Dealers with Smart X-Care

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Updated Mar 29, 2023
Doosan Smart X-Care telematics monitoring center with large computer screens for tracking construction equipment
A view of the Smart X-Care telematics notification center at headquarters for Doosan Infracore North America in Suwanee, Georgia.
Doosan Infracore North America

Doosan Infracore North America has ramped up its telematics offerings with Smart X-Care, a machine monitoring system to let customers, and their dealers, know when their equipment needs attention.

The service is available to subscribers who pay a $19.99 monthly fee, but buyers of new Doosan equipment can get the service for six months at no cost. The equipment is then monitored by staff at Doosan’s North American headquarters in Suwanee, Georgia. The center opened in October and has about 550 machines it is monitoring.

Alerts from the monitoring center are sent by email and by push notifications to smartphones to the machine owner and the owner’s Doosan dealer. They include machine fault codes, upcoming and overdue service and warranty expirations, the company says.

Messages sent to owners let them know their dealer has been notified and tell them of any immediate action they should take to prevent equipment damage. Dealers will receive the customers’ contact information, the fault codes triggered and a troubleshooting guide. Subscribers also receive a machine utilization report.

The service is designed to enhance the company’s DoosanConnect telematics, which captures data from machines. The Smart X-Care center then sifts through that data to determine when alerts should be sent.

Stojan Arezina, Doosan telematics manager, says the goal of Smart X-Care is to reduce downtime for customers and enable dealers to better serve them. Doosan limited notifications to service, warranty and fault codes to focus on the most critical issues for equipment owners and dealers and not overwhelm them with data.

“Unless people decide to actively go to DoosanConnect and check for things, there is nothing notifying you that there may be something happening with the machine,” Arezina explains. “What Smart X-Care does is get ahead of some of the potential issues.”

For dealers, that could mean making sure they have parts in stock for an upcoming service. For customers, it can mean scheduling service ahead of time to prevent unexpected downtime.

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Along with the notifications, owners will get dealer information and location as well as a link to the company’s dealer locator in case they are working outside of their usual dealer’s territory.

Currently, Doosan is monitoring only its new machines that customers have purchased since July. Arezina explains that the system is designed for the latest DoosanConnect 3.0 module, which is on its latest equipment.

In the future, he says, the company plans to expand to more equipment as well as provide various subscriber options. For now, buyers of new Doosan equipment are automatically signed up for six months free and then notified before the trial ends to decide if they want to continue the subscription.

“With Smart X-Care, our customers can rely on Doosan employees to function as fleet managers and partner with customers and their dealers to protect their equipment investment,” says Todd Roecker, vice president of growth initiatives, Doosan Infracore North America.

Existing DoosanConnect customers who are not subscribers to Smart-X Care will still continue to have access to the telematics data via smartphone app and online as they always have, Roecker says.