HD Hyundai Reveals its Vision for the Future Construction Site at CES

Updated Jan 11, 2024
HD Hyundai booth at CES 2024
HD Hyundai

To say that HD Hyundai Xite Transformation technology would revolutionize the construction site is not an overstatement. It would integrate all levels of site operation to dramatically improve planning, productivity, safety and control of carbon emissions.

But how it does that and how it fits in with this week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas requires explanation. Young-cheul Cho, president and CEO of HD Hyundai XiteSolution and HD Hyundai Infracore, provides answers.

Young-cheul Cho, president and CEO, HD Hyundai XiteSolution and HD Hyundai InfracoreYoung-cheul Cho, president and CEO, HD Hyundai XiteSolution and HD Hyundai InfracoreHD HyundaiWhat is HD Hyundai's Xite Transformation?

“Xite Transformation is HD Hyundai’s site vision for future construction sites that aims to solve pressing issues humanity is facing such as safety, security, supply chain issues, climate change and more,” says Mr. Cho.

And how will this be achieved?

HD Hyundai’s strategy is to combine multiple technologies including digital information, robotics, monitoring and control algorithms.

One key technology will be that of digital twinning, which HD Hyundai refers to as Twin Xite. A digital twin is a replication of an object, site, system or other physical entities – including people – by use of the extensive data that has been harvested regarding that entity.

There are levels of digital twinning, from component twins that replicate one part, to process twins that can replicate an entire worksite including all the equipment, personnel, processes and environmental factors. Digital twinning will be an essential part in the development of autonomous worksites.

“These technologies will start with HD Hyundai’s machines, but will ultimately spread to collaborations with other OEMs with open innovation. This will take the leading role in creating fully autonomous sites as it connects smart equipment with the entire site management system,” says Cho.

Work on this has already begun, aided largely by existing machine monitoring and machine control systems. The initial focus has been on select machines as related to productivity and safety. HD Hyundai plans to expand these and similar features across most of the machines they offer. Starting in 2025, the company will work closely with demolition, construction and mining partners to refine and expand Xite and other site solution technologies.

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HD Hyundai has set three main goals to realize Xite Transformation: enhancing safety with digital technologies, delivering productivity with site autonomy, and decarbonizing and building an energy value chain, according to Cho.

Where did Xite Transformation come from?

HD Hyundai, as the world’s largest shipbuilding and heavy industries conglomerate, shared its Ocean Transformation strategy at CES 2023. Autonomous operation and digital solutions, leaning heavily on AI, are cornerstones of that program. The objective of Ocean Transformation is to explore the full potential of the marine ecosystem, changing the way in which it is utilized for the greater benefit of humanity while also ensuring sustainable use of those resources.

Those same goals of maximizing resources while protecting the environment are the foundation of Xite Transformation. The demand to build and maintain infrastructure is higher than ever and the growth of that demand shows no sign of slowing. With that comes growing demand for all inputs, including raw materials and energy. Sourcing materials and energy and mitigating the environmental consequences of doing so are main drivers behind Xite Transformation.

Skilled operators are also needed. They have become increasingly rare, and the dearth of such personnel appears to be a permanent shift in culture, not simply a short-term aberration. Xite Transformation will use technology and data to reduce reliance on operators until the autonomous worksite is a reality, and the lack of operators is no longer a hindrance to productivity.

CES 2024 HD Hyundai - Future Xite ZoneHD HyundaiWhy CES?

From its humble beginnings in 1967 in New York City, the Consumer Electronics Show has become the largest trade event in Las Vegas. Expected attendance for 2024 is 180,000, of which 26% are expected to be international visitors. (For comparison, attendance at ConExpo-Con/Agg 2023 was estimated at 139,000.)

Just as the size of the show has greatly increased, so has the scope. While it once was limited to consumer electronics, it has become a premier electronics and technology show for multiple markets, as well as a global stage for global companies to display, and often unveil, their latest and greatest tech.

HD Hyundai exhibited at CES in 2022 to reveal its Future Builder vision, in 2023 to present the Ocean Transformation strategy and will use the 2024 CES to showcase Xite Transformation and related technologies.

Cho explains, “HD Hyundai is now growing into a ‘software-driven solution provider’ to meet transforming business paradigms,” and CES is the ideal venue to display this new direction.