The SiteWatch 700 is a solar-powered, streaming jobsite surveillance system with any-device access

Updated Feb 19, 2016
A jobsite view from Sensera’s cloud service.A jobsite view from Sensera’s cloud service.

Thanks to advances in cameras and the reliability of wireless networks in recent years mobile surveillance towers are officially a growing industry within construction.

Sensera says the SiteWatch 700 can be mounted anywhere.Sensera says the SiteWatch 700 can be mounted anywhere.

And while there are companies like Cameras Onsite that will rent these towers, which capture high quality footage of intruders and even call the police, to contractors, those firms interested in owning their own can look to Sensera.

At World of Concrete, Sensera launched the first of a new family of solar-powered surveillance systems. And while these cameras won’t all the police, they are easy to set up and stream what they see to a web feed that can be accessed on any device.

The SiteWatch 700 includes dual day/night cameras, long-range passive infrared-based motion detection (PIR) and IR or white illumination.

The whole system is powered by a single solar-powered battery, making it much more portable than a trailer mounted system and capable of being mounted anywhere.

SiteWatch towers broadcast video and still images to the web via WiFi or a connection to the wireless carrier network of your choice. Upon setup, the tower sends its feed to Sensera’s MultiSense Cloud Service which provides alerts and anytime surveillance through your desktop or mobile browser.

Because the feed is automatically sent to that cloud service, you don’t have to fiddle with IP address or camera-side configuration.

And because many jobsites will have to stream over wireless networks with data caps, SiteWatch offers a few plans that let you customize the type of images being sent from the cameras so you don’t blast through your allotment. You can configure the system to only upload still images taken at a determined time interval or to record video only when the motion sensor has been triggered.

The system also has a LiveView feature which allows a near-real-time continuous stream of what’s going on at the jobsite.

You can find more information on the SiteWatch system or additional Sensera Systems products, at the company’s website or by calling (800) 657-0437.