Get the bandwidth your remote jobsite needs with the Portabella

Today’s data heavy telematics can require a lot of bandwidth that isn’t always available in remote locations. The Portabella wireless broadband bonding appliance from Mushroom Networks provides ultra fast mobile Internet connections over 3G and 4G systems in challenging physical environments found in transportation and construction applications.

The Portabella 7100i and 6100iw bond together multiple cellular wireless Internet access cards to aggregate performance and increase dependability.

The 7100i supports SIM slots for six embedded modems and the 6100iw supports up to five embedded modems.

The devices are built from brushed aluminum and heavy-duty steel and weigh less than nine pounds for unobtrusive installations. They are rated to withstand five Grms vibration at 5–500Hz and operating temperatures from minus 40-degrees to 158 degrees Fahrenheit.