Doosan focuses on green technology

With a focus on green energy technology, Doosan will give Intermat visitors a glimpse into its crystal ball with its concept hybrid excavators and unmanned robot excavators. It’s also playing up its 3-megawatt WinDS3000TM offshore wind power system. More down to earth, the company will introduce a slate of new machines (expected to debut in the states around mid-year, including:

• A new generation of five large wheel loaders, from the DL300-3 to DL550-3, with Scania DC09, five-cylinder SCR diesel engines and bucket capacities from 3.9 to 7.2 cubic yards. This new breed will have load sensing, variable hydraulic piston pumps and a clutch cut off system to disconnect the tranny from the engine and give 100 percent of the power to the hydraulics. The new five-speed ZF transmission improves power transfer and reduces fuel use, and the ZF limited slip Type II differential axles offer a hydraulic differential lock option. The DL200-3 medium wheel loader has many of the same driveline and hydraulic improvements and a 2.6-cubic-yard bucket.

• Doosan will also debut the DX180LC-3 medium crawler excavator with a bigger, pressurized ROPS and direct control joysticks with proportional thumb wheel switches and integrated buttons for attachment control.

• Also expect to see new Geith (branded Doosan) automatic couplers and large excavator buckets slated for the second quarter.