Sakai updates R2H-4 roller engine, hydraulic systems and drum configuration

Updated Apr 9, 2016

R2-4 with ROPS flatSakai America has upgraded several components of its R2H-4 static three-wheel roller including a new drum configuration, hydraulic systems and an updated Tier 4 final engine.

“This static three-drum model is a favorite design because it permits the use of great compaction force without shoving or pulling the material,” says Denver Weinstiger, vice president of sales and product support. “That means you achieve a consistently dense mat in fewer passes. Fewer passes results in faster completion. Plus, the smooth mat the R2H-4 leaves requires less finish work after reaching your compaction target.”

The R2H-4 is designed for compaction on thin lifts and any material with specs requiring little vibration. The drums are 64 inches in diameter and apply a force of 365 pounds per linear inch on the rear drum at a width of 83 inches.

The machines measures 198 inches long with a 134-inch wheelbase and offers a 13-inch ground clearance. The engine is a Kubota V3307-CR-T-EF05, and the R2H-4 operates in two speeds and can range from zero to 5 mph and zero to 9.9 mph.