Shuster responds to State of the Union: ‘We are still waiting for action’

Bill ShusterBill Shuster

Rep. Bill Shuster (R-Pa.), chairman of the House Transportation Committee, said Wednesday that President Obama failed to press critical transportation issues in Tuesday night’s State of the Union address.

Shuster said that, although the president has previously discussed the importance of infrastructure investments, he did little to address improvements.

“I welcome the President’s interest in improving our infrastructure. We have significant long-term infrastructure needs that must be addressed and responsibly paid for to improve our economic competitiveness, efficiency, and quality of life,” Shuster said in a written statement, “However, instead of showing leadership on these critical issues, the President offered little more than recycled sound bites from old speeches.”

Shuster also pointed to Obama’s previous efforts, noting that the industry is “still waiting for action.”

“Almost two years ago, the President called for improving the performance of federal permitting and review of infrastructure projects. Since that time he has reiterated that message numerous times as part of his ‘We Can’t Wait’ initiative, and did so once again last night,” Shuster said. “I applaud the President’s goals of slashing bureaucracy and streamlining the permitting process for infrastructure projects, but we are still waiting for action.”

Shuster recently urged other representatives to push a new transportation bill to the House floor by August. The current surface transportation bill will expire in September.

“I am committed to moving forward with fiscally responsible transportation solutions to promote competiveness and economic growth, reform programs, and focus our resources where they are needed most,” Shuster said Wednesday.