Obama signs memorandum to expedite infrastructure projects

(Photo: Matt H. Wade / Wikipedia)(Photo: Matt H. Wade / Wikipedia)

President Obama on Friday signed a Presidential Memorandum intended to decrease review and approval times for major infrastructure projects, according to WhiteHouse.gov.

The memorandum, “Modernizing Federal Infrastructure Review and Permitting Regulations, Policies, and Procedures,” follows a March 22 Executive Order that launched a government-wide initiative aimed at expediting the federal review and permitting of infrastructure projects.

Both are part of Obama’s “modernization effort,” which is intended to grow the economy, accelerate job creation and improve U.S. competitiveness through the nation’s infrastructure.

The memorandum includes a list of best-management practices and a list of government offices and agencies, including the Department of Transportation, which will be involved in the modernization effort.

In addition to decreased approval times, the modernization effort also has a goal of expanding innovative mitigation tools; developing more targeted and relevant environmental reviews; providing more public input opportunities; and improving collaboration with State, local and Tribal governments, using the first five regional pilot teams as examples.

To read the full Presidential Memorandum, click here.