Volvo EC380E: Large Crawler Excavator with the Highest Retained Value for 2022

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Updated Dec 21, 2022
Volvo EC380E large crawler excavator
The Volvo EC380E features a 313-horsepower engine, an electro-hydraulic control system and ECO mode.

EquipmentWatch has named Volvo Construction Equipment’s EC380E as the large crawler excavator with the highest retained value for 2022. 

With a five-year retained value of 66.31%, the EC380E was 9 percentage points higher than the overall average for the category.

The timeframe for EquipmentWatch's Highest Retained Value awards is five years, so the retained values shown here are the anticipated values for a piece of equipment five years from now. Analysis was limited to models sold in 2022 to ensure application to buying decisions today.

Retained values are often related to the concept of depreciation, a measure of how far a piece of equipment's value decreases over time. Retained values are a factor in equipment purchase or lease decisions, as some new equipment holds its value better than others.

According to EquipmentWatch, Volvo’s EC380E came out at the highest value over Caterpillar’s 335F L CR and Komatsu’s PC800LC-8 in the five years.

At EquipmentWatch, retained values are calculated using market data, depreciation standards and a proprietary algorithm. For more information on the methodology, click here. EquipmentWatch is owned by Randall Reilly, the parent company of Equipment World.


Volvo’s EC380E crawler excavator is built to work on tough job sites. 

Powered by a D13 engine, the machine boasts more power than other models while reducing fuel consumption and emissions, the company says. The excavator features a reinforced undercarriage with heavy-duty superstructure undercover plates.

With a 9% improvement in fuel efficiency, Volvo says, the EC380E takes full advantage of its ECO mode, which reduces on-demand flow and pressure loss in the hydraulic system.

The excavator's electro-hydraulic system increases the controllability of on-demand flow and reduces internal losses in the hydraulic circuit, thus shortening cycle times and improving fuel efficiency.

According to Volvo, ECO mode is designed to increase control for more precise performance in whatever work mode an operator puts the machine in – Idle, Fine, General, Heavy or Power Max. 

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To further reduce fuel consumption, the engine, if controls are inactive for a set amount of time, will automatically reduce engine rpms or even shut down. The default time setting is 5 minutes.

As for emissions, during the fully automatic regeneration process with the Volvo After Treatment System, particulate matter in the diesel particulate filter is oxidized at low exhaust temperatures via passive regeneration. Volvo uses selective catalytic reduction technology where AdBlue/diesel exhaust fluid is heated to produce ammonia, causing a chemical reaction that converts NOx to nitrogen and CO2. 

The cab feature ergonomic placement of controls and switches. For safety, a seatbelt warning alarm sounds if the operator's seatbelt is not fastened when the ignition key is turned. 

EC380E cabAll machine interfaces, including the joysticks, keypad and LCD monitor, are ergonomically positioned for operator convenience and ease of use.VolvoIn comparison with previous models, the number of in-cab switches has been significantly reduced, Volvo says. A keypad allows the operator to navigate through the 8-inch color LCD monitor and activate machine functions. Operators can select and save desired configurations of the camera, air conditioning, and lights via the hotkey. Also, the company says the LCD screen can be read in nearly any light condition. 

A gauge shows current and average fuel consumption. Other control highlights include a shortcut switch on the joystick that can be assigned to windshield wipers, camera, audio mute or Power Max. Also, operators can connect a Bluetooth device.

Daily service checks and maintenance are carried out faster with wide-opening compartment doors and grouped service points. Volvo has placed the hydraulic oil cooler, charged air cooler and radiator in the same compartment. All filters are grouped inside another service door.

The excavator includes a storage compartment, an optional diesel-driven coolant heater to help start the engine in low temperatures while simultaneously heating the cab, and a hydraulically driven, electronically controlled cooling fan that regulates the temperature of the vital components. According to Volvo, the fan automatically activates only when needed – reducing fuel consumption and noise. The optional reversible functionality blows air in the opposite direction, enabling self-cleaning of the cooling units.

Quick specs

  • Engine: D13J
  • Horsepower: 313
  • Operating weight: 83,330-94,800 lbs.
  • Max. digging depth: 22’ 3”
  • Max. digging reach: 34’ 7”
  • Breakout force: 44,510 lb-f

Volvo EC380E excavator dumping into truckVolvo