World Trade Center construction site remains susceptible to flooding

Updated Feb 8, 2013
Credit: littleny / Shutterstock.comCredit: littleny /

The World Trade Center is expected to be less vulnerable to flooding when construction is completed by 2020, but authorities haven’t decided what to do to protect the site from flood waters until then, Transportation Nation reported.

The open pits at the construction site make the 16-acre World Trade Center site more susceptible to flooding, and much of the site sits on landfill that was once part of the Hudson River.

But Port Authority executive director Pat Foye give many details about how the site could be protected from flooding while under construction and what could be done to harden the site once construction is completed.

Foye estimated it will cost $2 billion to repair storm damage to the World Trade Center, along with the rest of the authority’s facilities, including airports, bridges and tunnels, though insurance reimbursements and FEMA payments will likely cover those costs.

Though One World Trade Center, located in Lower Manhattan, is scheduled to be finished by early 2014, other parts of the World Trade Center site will remain under construction and susceptible to flooding for at least eight more years.