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Updated Jan 3, 2013

By Amy Materson

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Boost Untitled 1EDITOR’S PICK


Achieve increased strike power with the DXB130H and DXB190H breakers from Doosan, which feature an energy recovery system to boost productivity. Designed for use with 15- to 22-metric-ton excavators, such as the DX180LC, DX 190W and DX201W, the DXB130H delivers up to 600 blows per minute and is rated in the 3,000-foot-pound impact energy class, requiring a hydraulic flow rate between 23.8 and 37 gpm. The DXB190H, suitable for 21- to 31-metric-ton excavators such as the DX225LC, DX235LCR, DX255LC and DX300LC, requires between 31.7 and 47.5 gpm and is rated in the 6,000-foot-pound impact energy class. Both nitrogen powered breakers have an upper/lower suspension system that isolates the power unit from the housing, as well as standard blank-fire protection via a cushion of oil at the base of the piston. The breakers have a suspension system that absorbs vibration and stress waves, and a main valve design that reduces hydraulic pressure peaks to extend pump life while reducing overheating. The DXB190H also has two-speed control, enabling the operator to manually adjust the breaker frequency between low and high frequency settings, matching the breaker impact rate to the working conditions. Text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit




Haul empty 20-foot containers with Landoll’s Model 342 light duty gooseneck trailer, which has a standard fifth wheel kingpin, 7-way electrical connector and single air brake axle. Suitable for short single-axle tractors, the 31-foot-long trailer has an 8-foot gooseneck with 23-foot lower deck and will handle 25-foot-long containers. The trailer operates hydraulically via a wet kit on the truck or with an optional 27-horsepower engine package. The 8,800-pound Model 342 has a 10.3-degree load angle, 15,000-pound air brake axle and features a gear box chain drive system with continuous 1/2 chain with 12,000 pounds line pull. Additional standard features include loading bridle, tie-down chains, push bar, container side pin lock-downs and storage box.

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Tough Custom Untitled 1TOUGH CUSTOM BODIES

Handle highly abrasive material with Philippi-Hagenbuch’s line of HiVol Hard Rock/Ore Bodies, which have hydrophobic steel and high abrasion liners to provide durability. The customized truck bodies feature reduced steel for lighter weight, and take into account individual factors such as material density, height and width restrictions and climate conditions, among others. The bodies taper from front to back to decrease wear and carryback potential on the sides of the body. This enables the body to release material immediately upon starting to dump, and allows the material to slide out of the body without abrading the sides. The reduction in weight on the sides allows for reinforcement on high wear areas. The wide body and low center of gravity ensures even weight distribution. The HiVol body is engineered to not fall below the center of the wheels or the height of the berm at full dump, eliminating tail damage from dumping into a pile. Additional features include reinforced body side top rails that reduce material buildup within the sidewalls; inward tapered outside steel plates that provide a compressive effect to protect the body walls from impact and steel bolsters under the body floor create a superstructure that won’t buckle under material weight.  Text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit



Iowa Mold Tooling’s newest additions to its truck-mounted articulating crane line, the 40 tm and the 50 tm, offer long reach with minimal space requirements. The 40/275 and 50/345 cranes deliver maximum lifting capacities of 19,026 and 22,840 pounds, respectively, and can be equipped with eight horizontal extensions. The 49/275 can achieve a maximum horizontal reach of 69 feet 11 inches, and the 50/345 has a maximum reach of 70 feet 3 inches when equipped with the extension. The mounting space required for the cranes is just 3 feet 9 inches for the 40/275 and 3 feet 11 inches for the 50/345. Both cranes have a dual power plus link arm system to enable long reaches and lifting in high positions while delivering precise and regular movements. The cranes also offer an “over-bending” feature that ensures the working area between the main and outer booms is no less than 195 degrees, offering greater flexibility when working in areas with narrow clearance or overhead obstructions. The cranes include as standard IMT’s RCL (rated capacity limiter) 5300, which monitors crane functions, load moment and operation, and interrupts oil distribution for crane functions in an overload situation while allowing functions that reduce load moment. Additional features include a radio remote control, continuous rotation, an internal hose routing system and a flexible stow bracket design. Optional stabilizer solutions are available. Text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit



Ditch Cord Untitled 1DITCH CORD REELS

Avoid tangles, kinks and snares in your extension cords with the Flexy Cord from Philatron Wire and Cable. The coiled cord retracts to its original length after use, eliminating the need for rewinding the cord onto a reel. The Flexy Cord saves space and reduces the chance of tripping over a cord.

The cords retract via a combination of reduced cord diameter, increased coil diameter and specially engineered materials with “memory” that enables them to retract to their original length. The material is tangle-proof and kink-proof. The compact extension cords are available in several lengths. The 4-inch cord extends to 8 feet, the 5-inch cord extends to 10 feet, the 10-inch cord extends to 20 feet and the 20-inch cord extends to 45 feet.

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Esy Data Untitled 1EASY DATA EDITING

Move point cloud data seamlessly with ScanMaster CAD Link from Topcon Positioning Systems. The product is an optional extension for the GLS-1500 laser scanner that provides a link between ScanMaster and AutoCAD software for efficient feature extraction and drawing of objects. The software synchronizes views between ScanMaster and AutoCAD; sends coordinates and distances by picking scans data; sends ortho-images as background images of the AutoCAD screen and synchronizes the User Coordinate System. ScanMaster CAD Link enables the operator to display the ScanMaster and AutoCAD screens side by side and move coordinates and ortho-images between the two screens, as well as easily editing point cloud data collected by the GLS-1500 scanner through the drawing operation via AutoCAD. Text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit



Inflate Tires Untitled 1INFLATE TIRES SAFELY

Ensure your shop personnel is protected with Ken-Tool’s tire inflation cage, which protects technicians and your shop environment from injury and damage from explosions following blown lock rings and rims on large earthmover tires. The tire cage has sturdy 10-bar construction and is manufactured from heavy gauge steel tubing welded to a steel base. Handling maximum inflation pressure of up to 100 psi, the cage measures 48 by 72 by 89 inches, suitable for earthmover tire and rim assemblies up to 29.5R25 L-3.

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