Review: Brunt Ryng Composite Toe Work Boots (Video)

A few weeks ago, we experienced a once-in-a-decade snowfall at my residence in Southeastern Wisconsin.

But I had made a fatal mistake.

I left my snow boots at our family’s cabin, nearly four hours away.

With two feet of snow to clear and negative temperatures on the way, I took to my closet to find an adequate substitute.

A-ha! Case Construction Equipment and Brunt had gifted me a pair of boots at last year’s ConExpo as part of their partnership to design “the ultimate construction equipment operator boot.”

This was the perfect opportunity to put them to the test, as my regular work boots are not waterproof.

The Brunt Ryng Composite Toe Work Boot comes in a 6-inch-high model or low-profile model. I received the men’s 7/women’s 9 high-top version. Both models offer a lightweight design, heavy-duty treads to prevent slips and falls, waterproof outer materials, and a comfortable premium insole and adjustable width system.

Watch the video above or read the transcript for my initial thoughts on the Brunt Ryng Boots.

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The Verdict

Beyond wearing these in the ice and snow in Wisconsin, I also tested them out on some jobsites in Upstate New York. The heavy-duty treads stood up to the conditions and kept me on my feet. I did take a little bit of a slide at one point, but that’s expected with any footwear without cleats on glare ice.

Even after walking through deep snow, my feet stayed dry and warm. In addition to triple-layer waterproofing, Brunt says the boot's exterior is abrasion-resistant for long wear life.

The Ryng boots were comfortable off the bat, and I never experienced any soreness or blisters after 8 hours on my feet. The only time my feet experienced some discomfort was after my four-hour drive to the airport. While the boots are fairly flexible, keeping my foot in the same position for an extended period left my heel a little sore. I’ve also experienced this with other footwear during extended periods of time behind the wheel.

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So, all in, I was happy with the performance of these boots during my first few wears – from comfort to traction to the effectiveness of the waterproofing. I was surprised by the boots' warmth despite not being marketed as insulated. As for durability, time will tell. And in the meantime, Brunt offers an affordable price point compared to some of the big-name brands and is worth a shot if you’re in the market for new work boots. 

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