12th Day of Construction Gifts: Danner Vicious the “most comfortable all-day boots”

Updated Dec 25, 2017
Danner Vicious boots weigh just 24 ounces each.Danner Vicious boots weigh just 24 ounces each.

In my review of the Danner Vicious, I said these boots are the most comfortable boots I’ve ever owned, noting “They’re so comfortable I have to be careful not to leave them on when I go to bed. I kid you not.”

The boots combine the comfort of a hiking boot with hefty protection. On the outside of the boot, the heel and toe are capped with abrasion-resistant material. And there’s enough stiffness in the toe that you can kick blocks and timbers into place without hurting your toes The low-profile heel makes for a natural stride and a less shock when walking on hard surfaces.

I honestly struggled to find something to criticize about these boots. I could say that the leather uppers were a bit soft compared to the harder leathers in some other boots I have. This may mean the Vicious won’t last as long as some on the gnarliest jobs—asphalt paving and concrete work. Time will tell, but the trade-off is that more heavily armored boots weigh more. At about 48 ounces a pair, the Vicious boots are the lightest in my closet—one reason I can wear them all day without feeling fatigued.

At $180 msrp, the Danner Vicious boots are well worth it and my go-to boots for just about everything. And they look good too. A touch of color, but nothing too gaudy.