Equipment Roundup: Komatsu semi-auto PC210LCi-11 excavator; Ditch Witch’s MT9 Microtrencher; Cat Buggy hot rod; What to see at ICUEE 2017

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Komatsu launches second-gen PC210LCi-11 semi-auto excavator with improved controls

Last year Komatsu let us do some digging with their new intelligent Machine Control (iMC) technology on their big PC360LCi-11 and PC490LCi-11 excavators. And now the company has introduced the second generation model of its first semi-auto excavator, the 23.5 metric ton PC210LCi.

First launched in 2014, the PC210LCi-10 (the ‘i’ stands for intelligent) was Komatsu’s first excavator to feature machine control integrated from the factory. This iMC technology uses GPS/GNSS signals to orient the machine in space and guide the joysticks, hydraulics and bucket so that the operator cannot over-dig or cut a profile other than what’s detailed on the 3D topo map loaded into the excavator’s computer.

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With MT9 Microtrencher, Ditch Witch offers new tool for residential fiber installation

Ditch Witch’s new MT9 Microtrencher attachment for the company’s compact skid steers provides a narrow, shallow cut for installing fiber optic cables in residential areas without disrupting surrounding utilities.

It excels in tight, confined areas, such as street closings, the company says. It creates trenches up to 9 inches deep and 1.5 inches wide. Ditch Witch’s FX65 vacuum excavator can be attached to the microtrencher to suck up the spoils, for a clean trench.

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VIDEO: Caterpillar Buggy is a C12-powered hot rod with Studebaker body, 966 loader grille

“I wanted something that was a little different,” says hot rod enthusiast and builder Snapper Schomaker in a video where he explains the genesis of what he calls the Caterpillar Buggy.

The resulting hot rod definitely delivers on Schomaker’s original goal of “different.” When you see this vehicle rumbling toward you or even sitting still in the lot of a car show, you take notice.

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What to see at ICUEE 2017: McLaughlin, McElroy, Ring-O-Matic, Subsite Electronics and Sharewell HDD in Area K

ICUEE is preparing for record exhibit space for the Oct. 3-5 Demo Show at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville. In the run-up to the show we’ll be providing a series of sneak peeks to give you an idea of what to look for at the show.

ICUEE attendees to Area K will see equipment from McLaughlin, McElroy, Ring-O-Matic, Subsite Electronics and Sharewell HDD.

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