Hyundai’s New Largest Loader: The HL980A Unveiled

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Updated Oct 7, 2022
Hyundai HL980A wheel loader world of asphalt
The HL980A is Hyundai's largest wheel loader, weighing 69,120 pounds.
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Hyundai rolled out its new HL980A recently at World of Asphalt, representing the company’s largest wheel loader.

The loader weighs 69,120 pounds and has a 7.3-cubic-yard bucket capacity.

It features a 351-horsepower Cummins X12 engine, which is new for the HL980. The engine is designed to be lighter yet increase torque. It meets Tier 4 Final emissions standards, as well as European Stage V, by diesel particulate filter and no exhaust gas recirculation. Hyundai says the engine uses less fuel than previous engines. With an Eco Gauge function operators can monitor fuel consumption in real time or see historical data. Fuel consumption, idle time and other data can also be monitored through Hi-Mate, Hyundai’s telematics system. The loader comes with a five-year Hi-Mate subscription.

The 980A has a standard integrated onboard auto weighing system. In auto mode, load weight is automatically displayed when the bucket is lifted to a specific height range, and the weight is logged when the boom is lowered.

“You can actually track between operators,” says Joe Turnage, Hyundai product manager. “So if you’ve got a different operator, he can hit his setup. He can track how much he's dumped into trucks or whatever he's moving.”

Hyundai HL980A wheel loader in sand pileThe 7.3-cubic-yard bucket on Hyundai's HL980A is designed to reduce material spillage and achieve maximum capacity.HyundaiHyundai gave its new A Series loaders new styling. The hood was redesigned to give operators a better view of the counterweight and of people or other obstacles behind it, which was something customers had requested, Turnage says.

The loader also gets a standard rearview camera that is integrated into the 7-inch monitor. As an option, an all-around-view camera system is available. “When it comes on the screen, you can see from the top down onto the machine,” Turnage says. “So you're looking at what's going on all around.”

The cooling package at the rear of the machine features a reversing fan that can be set to run for a designated amount of time. The cooling package also swings out on a hinge for easier access.

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The HL980A is equipped with ZF axles and transmission. One of the advantages of ZF axles is faster brake maintenance. The outboard brakes can be accessed by the wheel hub without having to drop the axle, Turnage says. For further easier maintenance, the hood lifts open electronically by a switch.

The cab on the A Series machines is up to 10% larger than predecessors and features a customizable, heated air-ride seat and adjustable armrests. The controls are electric over hydraulic and can be adjusted via the monitor. Turnage says operators can set the controls to act similarly to pilot controls if they prefer. The advantage of electro-hydraulic is lower cost and reduced maintenance, he says.

The cab also features Bluetooth radio and MP3 capability. You can also plug your Android phone into the monitor for mirroring of your phone’s screen.

Other features include parallel Z-bar linkage and automatic engine shutdown, and the bucket has been designed with a wider opening, curved side plates and enhanced spill guard to reduce material loss while traveling and to maximize bucket capacity, the company says.

Quick specs

Hyundai HL980A wheel loader spec chartHyundai