Cat's 988K XE Wheel Loader Gets 10% Faster, 5% More Productive

Cat 988K XE Wheel Loader digging into a pile of dirt.

Cat’s 988K XE wheel loader gets an updated design to improve cycle times in load and carry applications. Originally launched in 2017, the electric drive wheel loader now delivers 10% faster downhill speed, improved rimpull and increased hydraulic breakout force for up to 5% better production.

With 15 years of field-tested electric drive experience under its belt, Cat says the 988K XE increases overall efficiency by 25% and face-loading application efficiency by up to 49% compared to the 988K. The electric drive system helps reduce fuel consumption,  and an economy mode makes those savings even sweeter, all while using the durable Cat C18 engine. Plus, increased hydraulic speed and faster cycle times on this model decrease the idle time and fuel burn to further increase loader efficiency.

The 988K XE is equipped with a new steering and integrated control valve to help minimize arm movements and increase operator comfort while improving loading accuracy and efficiency. Your ears will appreciate it as well – the system is 47% quieter than the previous model.

The new rimpull control system reduces the potential for wheel slippage without reducing hydraulic efficiency. The loader’s new positive flow control hydraulic system increases efficiency, bucket feel and responsiveness to deliver consistent performance.

Three dynamic braking levels on the new Go-Pedal gives operators easier single righthand pedal operation. Standard Tire Slip Prevention improves traction and reduces wear to increase tire life and lower owning costs.

Inside the cab, Cat Payload displays accurate weighing of loaded materials in real-time, helping operators reduce overloading and underloading. Cat Vision also comes standards, allowing for enhanced visibility behind the loader.

Operators can get into tight areas for efficient truck loading thanks to 43-degree steering articulation. In addition, lift stall prevention technology automatically manages rimpull in-dig to prevent hydraulic stall while lifting through the face, resulting in less time spent in the pile.

New operators will benefit from Cat Operator Coaching, a system that teaches proper techniques including how to shorten travel, how to avoid unracking in-dig, entering the pile with a level bucket, how to reduce the dump height and how to use the kickout. Cat says the coaching feedback also results in 15% less fuel consumption.  

The 988K XE can be equipped with a range of buckets with capacities from 6.2 to 17 cubic yards. It is performance matched to offer three-pass loading of the 42.1-ton Cat 770G and four-pass loading of the 51.6-ton Cat 772G. Its high-lift configuration delivers five-pass loading of the 61-ton Cat 773G and six-pass loading of the 70.5-ton Cat 775G.

Cat says owners may want to consider adding optional features such as:

  • Advance Productivity technology for comprehensive payload information.
  • Cat Autodig to simplify the digging phase to increase dig cycle optimization by up to 10%.
  • An additional counterweight to increase stability and improve maneuverability.

Cat 988K XE Quick Specs:

  • Engine: Cat C18
  • Gross Power: 588 hp
  • Operating Weight - Standard: 116.362 lbs.
  • Operating Weight – High Lift: 119,618 lbs.
  • Rated Payload – Standard face/loose: 16 tons
  • Rated Payload – High Lift face/loose: 16 tons
  • Bucket Capacity Range: 6.2 – 17 yd3
  • Dump Clearance – Standard: 11.9 ft.
  • Dump Clearance – High Lift: 13.3 ft.