John Deere Launches its Largest P-Tier Dozers, the 950 and 1050

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John Deere 1050 P-Tier Dozer
The 1050 P-Tier dozer is now configured with a redesigned blade linkage that moves the blade 10 inches closer to the frame.
John Deere

Expanding its portfolio of large dozers, John Deere has unveiled the 950 P-Tier and 1050 P-Tier models.

As the next generation of models to join the company’s performance tiering strategy line-up, both the 950 P-Tier and 1050 P-Tier offer enhanced visibility, improved safety features, and more horsepower than their predecessors, the 950K and 1050K. 

“John Deere is dedicated to providing its customers with large dozer options that fit the needs of every job site, and the new P-Tier machines offer the durability and reliability our customers demand from machines of this size class,” said Matt Costello, product marketing manager, John Deere Construction & Forestry. “The 950 P-Tier and 1050 P-Tier dozer models were updated with the customer in mind, helping them increase efficiency, visibility, and gradeability in even the most demanding conditions.”

Both machines received a significant increase in operational advances with entry into Deere's P-Tier portfolio. The strategic design enhancements of the new P-Tier dozer models aim to improve operator safety, visibility on the job, and uptime. 

Smooth Operator

To ensure safe operation, a new operator-presence system uses a built-in sensor to detect that the seat is occupied, and the seatbelt buckled before the park brake is released to prevent unintentional movement.

In addition, the P-Tier system integrates the park brake switch into the system status monitor, eliminating the need for traditional park lock levers, which streamlines the operation and enhances overall safety.

Updated ergonomic joystick controls and dual path hydrostatic transmissions are common across all current John Deere dozers and include an integrated rocker switch to control travel direction. 

The company also has taken into consideration that every operator is different with varying techniques and preferences. The hydraulic and transmission response settings can be set to fit any operator's preferences.

In addition, the load-sensing power management system automatically adjusts ground speed based on load which allows operators to concentrate on blade control.

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According to Deere, when pushing down steep slopes the machine will maintain constant travel speed to prevent the dozer from running away and if the FNR switch is moved to neutral, the machine will come to a stop.

The centralized Sealed Switch Module (SSM) groups together common machine switches and buttons to reduce the number of wires and mechanical switches and provides a keyless start.

1050 P-Tier cabThe cab features an angled seat with updated ergonomic controls and integrated direction switch, along with a premium heated and ventilated seat option.John DeereCabs in both machines feature larger front windows and lowered and reprofiled front hoods to increase forward visibility over the previous generation of dozers. According to Deere, the redesigned hood gives operators clearer visibility to the blade corners.

An optional LED lighting package ensures the machine is well-lit during times of low sunlight or when operating overnight.

Sitting in a dozer for a day’s worth of work requires at least some amount of comfort. John Deere has stepped up with both the 950 P-Tier and 1050 P-Tier models, offering spacious cabs that now offer a premium high-backed, heated, and ventilated air-suspension seat as an option. The seat design for both remains at a 15-degree angle to provide optimal comfort when operating the rear ripper. 

Maintenance on these machines has also been simplified with cabs that can be tilted up to 70 degrees within minutes for easy serviceability access.

Like other John Deere products, John Deere Connected Support is an in-base feature with factory or field-installed JDLink to assist in reducing downtime up to 20% and resolve issues with tech-based solutions.

For the undercarriages, John Deere offers a variety of options to help balance component wear and get the most life out of them before performing maintenance.

The company says the options are:

  • Standard Heavy-Duty: Uses a sealed and lubricated track chain with hardened steel pins/bushings and polyurethane seals to keep lubrication in and abrasives out.
  • Extended Life: Uses proprietary SC-2 coated bushings designed to double the bushing life compared to standard bushings. The extended bushing life allows you to maximize the wear life of other undercarriage parts.
  • Maximum Life: Provides the same benefits as extended life with the use of SC-2 coated bushings, along with larger components with more wear material on the rollers (upper & lower), chain links, idlers, and seals.

Additional options include a specialized waste handling package that John Deere offers, which includes purpose-built guarding and features related to the waste industry to keep debris from entering the machine.

According to John Deere, the 950 P-Tier dozer remains the largest power-angle-tilt (PAT) dozer in the market.According to John Deere, the 950 P-Tier dozer remains the largest power-angle-tilt (PAT) dozer in the market.John Deere

Largest in the market

According to John Deere, the 950 P-Tier dozer remains the largest power-angle-tilt (PAT) dozer in the market.

Customers can choose between an OSD configuration or the six-way PAT blade, which adds 3,800 lbs. of operating weight and additional horsepower.

Under the company's naming strategy and designations, all John Deere machines that are part of the P- or X-Tier solutions that have electrohydraulic controls will have at least EZ Grade factory-installed. The 950 P-Tier dozer offers the John Deere factory-integrated mastless 3D SmartGrade system.

According to the company, the machine’s advanced eco mode automatically adjusts engine speed and powertrain settings based on load to reduce fuel usage by up to 20% compared to standard operating mode, without loss of performance. Standard features like auto-idle and auto-shutdown also help reduce unnecessary fuel consumption.

The 1050 P-Tier dozer features a range of enhancements that boost overall functionality and efficiency. Deere has specifically been highlighting the tag link and blade design.

With a standard 168-inch semi-u blade, the 1050 P-Tier dozer is now configured with a redesigned blade linkage which moves the blade 10-in. closer to the frame and reduces the overall length of the machine by approximately 17 in. 

Along with the tag link, inverted tilt, and pitch cylinders were added to help improve operator visibility of the blade and a more balanced machine when combined with the larger front window, double-bogie undercarriage, and lowered hood.

The redesigned suspended double-bogie undercarriage on the 1050 P-Tier reduces vibrations throughout the machine.

In terms of drive, the 1050 P-Tier dozer features a revamped 346 horsepower JD14 (13.6 L) engine which replaces the 13.5 L engine in the 1050K. 

According to Deere, the JD14 enhances durability and reduces overall fuel consumption. Hydraulic lifters eliminate valve lash adjustments throughout the life of the engine.

Also, the new engine uses a single canister in the aftertreatment system to meet emissions regulations without the need for a diesel particulate filter.

In addition, the machine’s cooling system also has been redesigned with a single-plane layout, positioning coolers side-by-side instead of stacked. Deere says this improves cooling efficiency and simplifies access for cleaning.

Quick Specs

950 P-Tier

  • Net Power: 265-280 hp
  • Operating Weight: 65,300-73,700 lbs.
  • Track on ground: 126.5-135.1 in.
  • Transmission: Hydrostatic 
  • Blade width: 184 in. (PAT option)

1050 P-Tier

  • Engine: JD14 13.6 L
  • Net Power: 354 hp
  • Operating weight: 94,000-94,580 lb.
  • Track on ground: 134.6 in. 
  • Transmission: Hydrostatic
  • Blade width: 168 in.