Deputies Find 3 Stolen Loaders, Drugs, Ammo During Calif. Residence Search

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stolen bobcat skid steer found on property in Pinon Hills Calif
One of three stolen compact loaders found during a search by deputies with the San Bernardino Sheriff's Office.
San Bernardina Sheriff's Office

Deputies on the lookout for a stolen skid steer in San Bernardino County, California, found the loader and ended up finding two more stolen compact loaders at a residence. Two men were arrested in connection with the stolen property along with drug and ammunition charges.

stolen compact track loader found on property in Pinon Hills CalifSan Bernardino County Sheriff's OfficeTwo deputies were performing an area check May 10 at 6:15 a.m. in the Pinon Hills area searching for a skid steer reported stolen. The loader they were seeking had a concrete breaker attachment on it. The deputies spotted the loader at a residence behind a locked gate.

They obtained a search warrant after making contact with Alejandro Gonzalez, 39, of Los Angeles who was at the residence. During the search, they also found Jose Guzman, 38, also of Los Angeles.

The search turned up a Bobcat skid steer and two other compact track loaders that had been reported stolen. Officers also found ammunition for a high-powered rifle and methamphetamines.

Gonzalez and Guzman were both arrested without incident, the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Office reports. Guzman is a convicted felon and had a $1,110,000 warrant for his arrest out of Los Angeles County for weapons violations. He was charged with felon in possession of ammunition warrants.

Gonzalez is a registered sex offender. Officers said methamphetamines were found in his vehicle, and he was charged with possession of a controlled substance. Five days later, deputies executed another search warrant at the property and found about $20,000 worth of fencing that was allegedly purchased with stolen credit cards in the Sacramento area and shipped to the residence.

The Sheriff’s Office says the investigation continues.    

stolen compact track loader found on property in Pinon Hills CalifSan Bernardino County Sheriff's Office