Video: A Closer Look at Develon’s First “X” Model Excavator, the DX225LC-7X

Updated May 21, 2024

Develon, formerly known as Doosan, recently rolled out its new 52,000-pound DX225LC-7X excavator – the company’s first “X” model.

The “X” stands for electrohydraulic control, which as the video above explains, enables the excavator to run advanced machine guidance and machine control, including 2D grading, while giving the operator technology to improve precision, productivity and efficiency.

At World of Concrete earlier this year, we took a walkaround tour of the new excavator for a close-up, in-depth view, which we present in the video above.

Features on the “X” model include a tiltrotator mode. (At the show, attendees saw the displayed excavator was equipped with an Engcon model of the tilting, rotating attachment designed for increased accuracy and productivity.)

Other features: improved heating and cooling with an optional heated/cooled seat, easy-to-use joystick controls, a rearview camera, Smart Touch screen and optional 360-degree around view monitor (AVM) camera system. The cab’s suspension is designed to dampen vibrations and absorb shocks, the company says.

The excavator runs on a 174-gross-horsepower Develon Tier 4 Final diesel engine and has a max hydraulic flow rate of 56 gallons per minute for each of the two main pumps. A one-touch power boost helps tackle tough material.

The DX225LC-7X comes with a conventional tail swing and an optional dozer blade. A long-arm configuration for 2 extra feet is also available.

Quick Specs

Here are some more specs for the DX225LC-7X:

  • Operating weight: 52,018 lb.
  • Max dig depth: 21’ 7”
  • Max dig reach ground: 31’ 10”
  • Bucket dig force: 36,376 lbf
  • Max swing torque: 60,757 lb.-ft.
  • Boom length: 18’ 8”
  • Arm length: 9’ 6” (long-arm option 11’ 6”)
  • Max load height: 22’ 5”
  • Max travel speed: 3.4 mph

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