“Fold-Out Artist” – Liebherr’s New 31 XXT Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump (Video)

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liebherr 31 xxt truck mounted concrete pump boom unfolded in metal building
The boom on the Liebherr XXT can be unfolded to a minimum height of 17 feet for work inside buildings.

Liebherr calls its new 31 XXT truck-mounted concrete pump the “fold-out artist,” as its five-part boom can be configured to enable the truck to move into tight spaces, including inside buildings.

The 31 XXT can enter a building with an entrance height as low as 13 feet with the new LiDriveIn function. To do this, the boom can be folded in front of the cab. Once inside, it can be unfurled to a minimum height of 17.7 feet for pumping.

The folding function is operated via remote control and does not require deploying the outriggers to move the boom in front of the cab. The outriggers can be deployed as needed when positioning the pump for operation. Here is a video of the LiDriveIn in operation:

The new 31 XXT represents the smallest pump type in Liebherr’s 30-meter lineup and is designed for small to medium-size cramped construction sites.

Liebherr gave the 31 XXT lots of storage for hoses and pipes. The company says 295 feet of conveyor lines can be carried.

The unit also gets Liebherr’s Powerbloc pump drive in which all hydraulic switching and measuring elements are fully integrated. “This eliminates the need for numerous hydraulic hoses and other components,” the company says.

“The new drive unit is combined with the highly efficient semi-closed oil circuit, which supplies all drives powerfully and reliably with hydraulic energy. As a result, the oil volume could be significantly reduced.”

Along with power, the pump unit operates quietly, Liebherr says.

Available options on the 31 XXT include LED work lights, various storage boxes for materials and tools, as well as shelves for hoses and pipelines.

liebherr 31 xxt truck mounted pump with boom foldedThe five-part boom on the 31 XXT can be configured for operating on cramped jobsites.Liebherr

Quick Specs

  • Vertical reach: 11.4’
  • Horizontal reach: 86.6’
  • Unfolding height: 17.72’
  • End hose length: 13.1’