Liebherr's New Compact, Quiet 36 XXT Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump

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liebherr truck mounted concrete pump 36 xxt
The new truck mounted concrete pump 36 XXT.

The compact and quiet design of Liebherr’s 36 XXT truck-mounted concrete pump provides an appealing look and easy site maneuverability in one package, the company says.

Mounted on a three-axle chassis, the 36 XXT travels with a total weight of around 28 tons, depending on equipment. No boom overhang at the rear increases its maneuverability around construction sites and on roads.

The machine features a five-piece distributor boom with an unfolding height of 23.6 feet. The five arms make it easy to reach a variety of positions. The design and kinematics of the boom deliver low-vibration and even work when placing concrete. Good slip properties facilitate concreting in existing buildings on different floors.

The shape of the charging hopper favors a uniform flow of concrete and good suction behavior, the company says. Two separately driven agitators push the concrete directly into the suction area, which works even with concrete types that are difficult to pump, according to Liebherr.

From a safety and support standpoint, Liebherr says, the XXT outrigger offers some advantages over other supports. Boom loads are transferred along the shortest path to the contact areas of the support legs, which swivel around the same axis of rotation. The narrow support functions offer numerous setup options.

For narrower areas, the front outrigger on the confined side can still be extended and support up to the front of the operator’s cab, thanks to the swivel option, adding the entire working area in front of the cab. If both sides are narrowed, it is still possible to work over the cab.

According to Liebherr, the XXT stability control system ensures safe working conditions, only allowing noncritical movements. The safe working zone is indicated on the radio remote control, which allows sensitive boom movements and shows the operator all important parameters.

Another highlight of the 36 XXT is the Powerbloc pump drive unit. With it, all hydraulic switching and measuring elements are integrated, which the company says eliminates numerous hydraulic hoses along with other parts. The Powerbloc is powered by a semi-closed hydraulic circuit. As a result, the oil volume is reduced, and the system weighs less and is more efficient, quiet and safe, says the company

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There are options available for LED lighting packages, various storage boxes and tools and shelves for extensions hoses. 

Quick specs

  • Vertical reach: 117.5 feet
  • Horizontal reach: 103.3 feet
  • Unfolding height: 23.62 feet
  • End hose length: 13.1 feet
  • Maximum flow rate (piston end): 188 cu. yd./h
  • Maximum concrete pressure (piston end): 1,160 psi cu. yd./h
  • Pump cycles (piston end): 29 rpm