Fecon’s New 225VST Mulching Tractor to Debut at Utility Expo

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Fecon 225VTS mulching tractor
Fecon's new 225VTS mulching tractor will debut at Vermeer's booth at The Utility Expo.

Fecon’s new 225VST Mulching Tractor will debut in September at The Utility Expo.

Vermeer, whose line of forestry mulching tractors were bought by Fecon this year, will present the 200-horsepower mulcher at its booth at the show, formerly known as ICUEE. 

The tractor will only be available through Signature Level Vermeer dealers. It is manufactured for Vermeer and designed for large right-of-way and landclearing jobs.

It produces 576 foot-pounds of torque at 1,500 rpm. Its hydraulic system delivers 80 gallons per minute at 5,000 psi, enough to run Fecon’s RK8620 Bull Hog mulcher, designed to process materials faster with fewer passes. It also has a broad range of motion for felling and below-grade work, according to Fecon.

The cab provides wide-angle visibility to the Bull Hog and the tracks, the company says. The ROPS, FOPS cab is entered and exited by a side door. The cab is pressurized, has an air suspension seat, adjustable joystick pods and a 7-inch display screen.

The weight of the tractor is evenly distributed over the tracks, which have an oscillating design. The tracks provide consistent ground pressure in all terrain, the company says. Ground pressure for the tractor is rated at 5 psi. It can operate on slopes of up to 45 degrees.

Other features include hydraulically driven reversing fans for the engine and hydraulic cooler, oscillating D3 undercarriage with 24-inch single grouser pads, dual engine air cleaner with pre-cleaner, large and lockable service doors for the engine compartment and Fecon's Power Management System, which the company says "manages engine and hydraulic outputs for maximum efficiencies and performance."

The tractor comes charged with Fecon Green Environmentally Safe Hydraulic Fluids. 

The Utility Expo is being held September 28-30 at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville. Registration for the event is underway.