Finishing Concrete Just Got Easier With Allen Engineering’s E-Screed

E-Screed Allen Engineering concrete smooth
With a 1.5 horsepower battery pack, the new E-screed from Allen Engineering makes smoothing concrete easier and less tiring for operators, especially on big jobs and long workdays.
Allen Engineering

Manufacturers have worked hard to make screeds easy to maneuver, because even a slight tipping or mishandling of these long metal blades can screw up an almost finished pour.

With the debut of its E-Screed by Magic Screed, Allen Engineering uses a lithium-ion battery pack to reduce weight and provide screed vibration while maintaining the same power and performance of the original Magic Screed. According to the company, the new E-Screed can level an area four times larger with less effort than conventional screeds.

The new E-Screed’s high-frequency vibration provides uniform distribution over the entire blade length – enhancing the structural integrity of the concrete through consolidation.

A 1.5-horsepower, 40-volt lithium-ion battery delivers 26.5 amp-hours of juice to the unit, giving you vibration speeds up to 7,500 rpm and consolidation to depths up to 6 inches.

To make it easier for the operator to handle the machine, the new E-Screed comes with a harness made from durable, easy-to-clean material. Adjustable handles and a battery unit backpack add comfort for operators working long periods on sizable jobs. And you can still use your Magic Screed blades from 4 to 16 feet in length with the new E-Screed.

The E-Screed’s brushless electric motor and emissions-free power source reduce maintenance chores. It comes with a tilt-up stand, twist throttle controls and an ergonomic carrying handle.