Caterpillar intros couplers for excavators 74, 90, 95 tons

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Updated Jun 11, 2020
Cat VB pin grabber couplerCat VB pin grabber coupler

Cat’s new pin grabber couplers enable operators to change tools within seconds and allow excavators of similar sizes to share attachments.

Cat recently added VB and HB sizes of pin grabber couplers for its larger excavators. The coupler allows operators to switch to and from a variety of attachments and can even be used to pick up a bucket in reverse for cleaning out square corners.

The VB2 coupler is for excavators of 74 tons, and it weighs 2,744 pounds.

The HB2 coupler is for 90- to 95-ton excavators and weighs 3,430 pounds.

Cat HB pin grabber couplerCat HB pin grabber coupler

The couplers have a redundant locking system to secure attachments, and spring-loaded arms keep the latch closed even during a loss of hydraulic pressure, the company says. The couplers are also short to keep the distance between the end of the stick and the tip of the bucket teeth compact, which adds digging power. The coupler’s frame is made of cast pieces of abrasion-resistant steel.

When the coupler is secured to an attachment, it gives the operator visual and sound cues. The company says the operating procedure for the pin grabbers is simple. The couplers also feature a central greasing point that can be accessed at ground level.

VB and HB refer to linkage sizes. Caterpillar classifies excavator fronts according to the “linkage family,” which is the size at the end of the stick.

Cat pin grabber coupler locking mechanismCat pin grabber coupler locking mechanism

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