Epiroc’s CB Concrete Busters for excavators work at height

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Epiroc CB 7500Epiroc CB 7500

Epiroc has boosted its CB Concrete Buster lineup with its two largest models, for excavators weighing 50 to 80 tons.

The CB 5500 and CB 7500 are designed for demolishing thick foundation walls and for cracking girders and heavy concrete at height. Their lightweight design means they can be used with high-reach or long-front excavators. They also emit less noise than hydraulic breakers, so they can be used in areas with noise requirements such as residential areas.

The attachments feature wide jaw openings and high cracking forces. The devices’ two hydraulic cylinders deliver nearly continuous closing force and are protected by piston rod guards. An integrated speed valve provides faster working cycles, the company says.

“If the cutter grips the material at an oblique angle, a built-in pressure relief valve allows a ‘self-acting movement’ that brings the cutter jaw into the ideal position,” the company says. “This valve effectively protects both the carrier and the cutter from potentially damaging reaction forces.”

Epiroc CB 5500Epiroc CB 5500

The CB 5500 has a cracking force of 150 metric tons and a jaw opening of 63 inches, and the CB 7500 delivers 190 metric tons and opens 71 inches. Their two jaws move independently to eliminate displacement force and reduce stress. The cutting blades can be reversed and replaced. The busters also feature 360-degree rotation.

The CB 5500 is for carriers of 50 to 65 tons and weighs 11,200 pounds. It requires hydraulic oil flow of 92 to 119 gallons per minute.

The CB 7500 is for carriers of 70 to 85 tons and weighs 14,880 pounds. It requires hydraulic oil flow of 145 gpm.