Both drums oscillate on Sakai’s new SW994ND tandem roller

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Updated Jun 25, 2020

Sakai SW994ND tandem roller

With the new SW994ND, Sakai has introduced its fourth compactor with oscillation.

The 84-inch-wide double-drum roller, launched at ConExpo 2020, achieves good compaction results not only for dense-grade hot mix asphalt mixtures but for stone matrix asphalt mixes used for highways, airports and test tracks, the company says.

Gear-driven oscillationGear-driven oscillation

Sakai’s oscillating models are gear-driven, so they do not require the added maintenance of belt-driven oscillation that requires belts to be replaced.

Sakai also puts oscillation on both drums of the roller, rather than typical oscillating rollers with only rear-drum oscillation and front-drum vibration. The dual-drum oscillation enables the Sakai compactors to more efficiently achieve required density and surface textures, the company says. Both drums can also be switched to vibration.

The SW994ND has an operating weight of 31,570 pounds.

The other three Sakai oscillating roller models are the SW654ND with a 57-inch-wide drum, the SW774ND with a 67-inch-wide drum and the SW884ND with a 79-inch-wide drum.

Sakai SW994ND oscillation vibration tandem roller