Indeco expands hammer line with improved models; brings smallest to U.S.

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Updated Jun 24, 2020
Indeco HP 400 FS hammerIndeco HP 400 FS hammer

Indeco has rolled out additions to its hydraulic hammer attachment line, including its smallest hammer for the U.S. market, two productivity models, and what it calls an entry-level large hammer.

Here’s a rundown of the products, which the company introduced at ConExpo 2020:


HP 150 FS

Indeco HP 150 FS hammerIndeco HP 150 FS hammer

Italy-based Indeco is bringing its smallest hammer to the United States with a different model name.

The HP 100 FS has been renamed the HP 150 FS for the U.S. market. The company says the U.S. market is experiencing increased demand for attachments for compact equipment for operating in restricted areas. It is designed for excavators of .7 to 1.8 tons.

Indeco calls its HP 150 FS “the little giant.” It has a working weight of 135 pounds and can achieve top performance even at reduced hydraulic flow, the company says. It delivers 150 foot-pounds of impact and 400 to 1,900 blows per minute. Tool diameter is 1.66”


HP 400 FS and HP 550 FS

Indeco HP 550 FS HammerIndeco HP 550 FS Hammer

Indeco says its upgraded HP 400 FS and HP 550 FS breakers get a boost in power and 10 millimeters more in tool diameter, while not changing the hammers’ size or design.

The HP 400 FS is designed for 2.5-ton excavators. It delivers 406 foot-pounds of impact energy and 540 to 1,670 blows per minute. It weighs 507 pounds. Tool diameter is 2.6 inches.

The HP 550 FS is designed for excavators of 3.5 to 6.5 tons. It weighs 705 pounds, delivers 550 foot-pounds of impact energy and 780 to 1,720 blows per minute. Tool diameter is 2.9 inches.


HP 6000 FS

Indeco HP 6000 FS hammerIndeco HP 6000 FS hammer

Indeco says its new HP 6000 FS hammer is designed to meet a growing trend in the excavator market of 30-ton machines being replaced by those weighing 35 to 36 tons. The HP 6000 is compatible with excavators of 35 to 45 tons. Indeco gave the breaker Hardox steel inserts in the lower part of the casing for increased durability. It has a working weight of 7,936 pounds and impact energy of 6,000 foot-pounds. Tool diameter is 6.7 inches.


Indeco Lube

Indeco has teamed up with Bekalube to offer automatic greasing systems for its hydraulic  hammers. The new Indeco Lube systems are designed to provide the correct amount of lubricant and eliminate the need for manual greasing. Two types of lube kits are available: one that can be fitted to the hammer and one that can be fitted to the excavator. Both connect to the hammer through a single greasing point.