Vanair intros Integrated Separator Tank with new, more leak-resistant design

Updated Oct 11, 2019

Vanair integrated separator tanks

During the ICUEE trade show in Louisville last week, Vanair introduced a new integrated separator tank with a design that is simpler and less prone to leaks.

The new tank design has integrated manifolds containing the following:

  • Minimum pressure valve
  • Thermo-valve
  • Thermistors
  • Transducers
  • Pressure regulators
  • Oil filter
  • Ultrasonic oil level sensors
  • Optional cold-weather oil heater

An available option is a redundancy provision for the thermistors and transducers, Vanair says, adding that the feature “virtually eliminates potential downtime due to failed primary transducers and thermistors.”

Vanair integrated separator tanks

The separator tank also features SAE O-Ring and JIC connections which nearly eliminate leak points associated with conventional galvanized pipe fitting designs.

Vanair says the new tank design reduces leak points by 60 percent compared to competitive tanks. Plus, design life has been upped to 6,000 hours thanks to a redesigned coalescing element with 50 percent greater surface media. Vanair says most customers will never have to change the element.

Vanair ships the tank fully assembled and ready for mounting, reducing installation time by about two hours, the company says.